All Media Capital has been providing equipment financing solutions to the Media & Technology Industries since 1988, and as a result we feel uniquely to meet our clients specific needs. More importantly, our credit and underwriting team understand the Media & Technology Industries. Our Management team has over 75 years of combined experience in commercial lending. Our strength lies in our ability to understand the equipment being acquired, access the specific financing needs of a customer and recommend an appropriate plan of action. Not all companies seeking financing are created equal and we understand that. Nor is the equipment. We pride ourselves on our approach to understanding what a customer is about and what they are seeking to accomplish. Financing does not come in a box or adhere to a specific “shape” or “style.” Every customer profile is different, their needs are different and we can adjust accordingly to insure the best possible results and, most importunity, service. Effective March 1, 2016, All Media Capital has been acquired by Providence Capital Funding. We intend on retaining all current employees and will remain under the leadership of Jeff Thomas, CEO. ” We’re looking forward to partnering with Providence Capital Funding to provide exception customer service and additional finance options for our existing customers. ” – Jeff Thomas, All Media Capital.
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