All Media Capital is a lending source that specializes exclusively in the Professional Audio, Visual, Broadcast/Television Production, Post Production, Digital Cinema, Digital Signage, other related Media & Technology Industries. AMC offers competitive, innovative, flexible and individualized financing packages combined with unmatched customer service and is uniquely qualified to meet your financial needs. If you are seeking to refinance, upgrade or purchase new and/or used equipment we can help. AMC has worked with most of the major manufacturing in the Professional Audio, Visual, Broadcast industries including Panasonic, Sony, Barco, Christie, NEC, Solid State Logic, Autodesk and Avid/Digidesign. We offer a wide range of financing products including loan/security agreements, capital lease and off-balance sheet products. AMC has built its name and reputation by providing:
  • Highly competitive fixed rates.
  • Approval usually within 24 hours after AMC receives your complete financial informations.
  • Courteous service throughout the term of the lease.
  • 100% financing
  • Flexible terms including minimum payments for the first several months, deferred payment options, seasonal payments and step payments, to name a few.
  • Fast payment to your vendor and/or manufacturer.
Purchases up to $150,000 can very often be approved simply by completing our application. Amounts in excess of $150,000 will require additional financial information. The submittal of your financial package and subsequent review comes with no cost to you. So why not compare our rates, service and structures with your bank or other finance company? We realize you  probably have many choices when it comes to choosing a lending partner. We appreciate this opportunity to offer our financial service to your organization and hope you turn to AMC for all your financing needs.