• Loan/security agreements, capital leases and off-balance sheet products.
  • Application only financing to $150,000.
  • Support from AMC’s sales consultants.
  • Finance product development that is tailored specifically to you industry.
  • Bundling of equipment and other related services – such as maintenance, freight, engineering and software – all in one complete payment.
Selecting the equipment that you want and need for your business was the easy part. The difficult, big questions now becomes “how do I pay for it?” Should you pay cash or go to your bank and ask for a loan? Should you lease or buy? Should you purchase part of the equipment now or wait until next year to install the balance? We specialize in the creation of finance programs that are highly customized to meet your specific cash flow and financial objectives. Our financing programs are designed to fit your needs and are structured to provide the best cash flow from your revenue producing equipment. The submittal of your financial package and subsequent review comes with no obligation from you. AMC’s review and offering comes at no cost to you, except your time to put the information together. So why not compare our rates, service and structures with your bank or other finance company? We realize you probably have many choices when it comes to choosing a lending partner. We appreciate this opportunity to offer our financial services to your organization and hope you turn to AMC for all your financing needs.